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Report: Gortat In Rockets' Sights?

According to Yahoo! Sports’ national NBA writer, Adrian Wojnarowski, the Orlando Magic are taking deal with the Washington Wizards about Gilbert Arenas. How does this affect the Rockets? Well, the Magic may be under pressure to pare back some payroll in anticipation of Arenas’ arrival, which may mean that they make former Rockets free agent target Marcin Gortat available.

The Magic have discussed Gortat with other teams, sources said. Several teams, including Houston and Portland, have inquired about the 7-footer’s availability. If the Magic are going to take on the remainder of Arenas’ contract, it could be important for them to trim some other deals to spare their luxury-tax hit with what’s already a league-high $94.7 million payroll.

No word yet on if we need to start sending new emails to yet, but we’ll keep you posted if that turns out to be the case. With Yao Ming now shelved for the season again, getting an upgrade at center could very well be a priority for GM Darryl Morey.

EDIT: Gortat ended up being dealt to Phoenix as part of the Jason Richardson/Vince Carter trade. Ken Berger of CBS Sports reports that the Rockets tried to get in on the deal, but that they couldn't find enough ground to agree with the Magic. Berger originally reported that they offered Kevin Martin to Orlando, but has since backed off that stance.

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