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Jared Jeffries Expecting A Trade

According to Jonathan Feigen of The Houston Chronicle, forward Jared Jeffries, who recently was moved to the inactive list upon the return of Aaron Brooks, is expecting to get traded sometime in the near future. In fact, a deal with Jeffries actually fell through on Wednesday, according to Feigen.

Jeffries was a consumate professional in his remarks on the situation, noting that things don’t always get better when you get traded:

“Something will happen,” Jeffries said. "Whether it happens now or at the trade deadline, I’ll just stay ready and in shape. I think if I don’t play, at some point I’ll get traded and move on.

“The grass isn’t always greener. You might go somewhere else and have not as good a situation, not as good a team, not as good a group of guys.”

For his sake, I hope the Rockets are able to work out a trade that benefits him soon. He’s been nothing but a stand up guy for the organization.

By soon, of course, I mean “after Christmas so I don’t have to jump on the computer to cover it.”

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