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Report: Courtney Lee Scouted By Bulls

K.C. Johnson of the Chicago Tribune is reporting that the Bulls are scouting Rockets guard Courtney Lee as a potential upgrade at shooting guard, where they currently are going with a rotation of Ronnie Brewer and ex-Rocket Keith Bogans:

Rumors persist that general manager Gar Forman is actively looking for an upgrade at shooting guard, but sources said reports of talks with the Nuggets regarding J.R. Smith weren’t accurate. Players such as Richard Hamilton and Stephen Jackson would appear to have prohibitive long-term deals.

The Bulls have scouted Rockets guard Courtney Lee, who is well-regarded for his defense and toughness. But even if talks became serious, he’s a 37.9 percent career 3-point shooter and might represent only a minor upgrade.

I don’t really see why the Rockets would deal Lee, short of a massive trade where they bring in a bunch of win-now pieces. The obvious move would be to trade Battier if they move anyone out of that SG/SF rotation since the post-Yao team has been emphasizing youth.

But hey, maybe they’ll do it anyway. Daryl Morey will make any move he thinks improves his team.

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