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Mannix: Rockets Put Aside Anthony Talks, For Now

Sports Illustrated’s Chris Mannix is reporting that the Houston Rockets have dropped out of the Carmelo Anthony sweepstakes for now.

No surprise, but hearing that HOU is out of the Melo sweepstakes. Rockets could get back in though if the process stretches for a while.

No surprise, indeed. The Rockets have had their fair share of trouble in attempting to lure stars to Houston, either through free agency or through a trade. With training camp underway, it wouldn’t make much sense for the Rockets to continue discussions, for such discussions would likely raise tension within the locker room and give players something to think about other than trying to win ballgames.

Don’t count the Rockets out just yet, though. They’ve proven to be very active in February, when the trade deadline approaches. If GM Daryl Morey sees an opportunity to make a move, he will.

That said, the New Jersey Nets are still in control of the Melo talks, assuming the Denver Nuggets decide to trade him.

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