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Report: Rockets In Carmelo Anthony Trade Derby?

After an intense 72 hours of negotiating, the basics of a Carmelo Anthony trade to the Nets that would involve Chauncey Billups, Richard Hamilton, Devin Harris, and Derrick Favors, along with plenty of others, seemingly stalled when Anthony and his fellow Nuggets players played in a game last night. The deal had been seen as nearing completion, but it looks like the Nuggets may be getting cold feet yet again.

Enter the Rockets, who have a ton of tradeable assets and could help leverage a trade between the sides, as CBS’ Ken Berger previously reported earlier in the season. This time, however, it’s the Denver Post who is reporting that the Rockets may be in on the deal.

In the potential deal, the Pistons would get the expiring contract of Troy Murphy and also former Nugget Johan Petro. The Nets, in addition to Melo and Chauncey, would also nab the Pistons’ Richard Hamilton and, according to a source, it’s possible that Denver’s Anthony Carter and Shelden Williams, both on one-year deals, would head to New Jersey too.

One of the sources said there have been some inquiries about involving the Houston Rockets in the trade. When the Nuggets played Anthony and Billups against New Orleans, instead of resting them, the source suggested it was a sign they weren’t ready yet to make the trade Sunday

It’s unknown exactly what the Rockets would be looking to get out of a trade. The potential of losing Billups in the deal may make Aaron Brooks more attractive to the Nuggets, who will have Ty Lawson and filler at point guard in that scenario. They could also just be trying to maneuver their way into some draft picks with expiring contracts, such as Jared Jeffries. Either way, it looks like Berger’s original idea that the Rockets could be involved has legs. We’ll keep you updated as the Anthony trade saga turns.

For the record, Berger does not think they're involved this time.

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