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Report: Rockets Still Trying To Snag Carmelo

According to’s Chris Mannix, the Rockets aren’t done trying to snag Carmelo Anthony for themselves. Mannix says the Rockets can offer a ton of cap relief, including the expiring contracts of Yao Ming, Shane Battier, and Jared Jeffries.

Along with Aaron Brooks or Kevin Martin, and a few draft picks, this could be an enticing package to the Nuggets, in Mannix's opinion.

I’m not so sold. The Rockets offer pales in comparison to what the Nets and Nuggets have already had on the table. I tip my hat to Daryl Morey for trying, and certainly he’s as creative as any GM in the league, but the Rockets still have to be considered a real long-shot to infiltrate these discussions and actually pull off a deal.

EDIT 1: Jonathan Feigen of the Houston Chronicle characterizes the Rockets as "on the outside looking in."

That sounds about right.

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