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Morey: Rockets Back 'In The Game A Little Bit' For Carmelo Anthony

Rockets GM Daryl Morey, to the surprise of no one, is still trying to hunt down his superstar. Carmelo Anthony’s widely-rumored trade to the Nets was called off by an angry Mikhail Prokhorov, and that has, according to Morey, opened the door a crack for the Rockets. ClutchFans has a quick transcript put up with the quote from 610 AM:

Interesting how that recent episode turned out. I do think that puts us in the game there a little bit.

Last night, the Houston Chronicle’s Jonathan Feigen had a less optimistic spin on the scenario, saying that while the Rockets couldn’t be counted out, it was clear that the Nuggets weren’t suddenly inclined to take the Rockets offer now that the Nets are out of the running.

For the Rockets, however, nothing has changed. Multiple sources said in the past two days that the Nuggets have still shown no interest in the Rockets’ offers.

As we covered the first time the deal with the Nets began to wobble, things can change and often do. If Ujuri and Josh Kroenke cannot land their hearts’ desires, the Rockets package of cost savings, expiring contracts and young talent might start to look much better. It has not yet.

For now, the prevailing hallmark of the Anthony sweepstakes continues to be the lack of actual news. The trade with New Jersey had been stalled for months despite being agreed to, and it doesn’t appear like the Nuggets have been successful in making any of their other trade partners step up to the plate to the extent that they want to.

You have to say this for Morey: nobody is going to out-work him to get to Anthony. If he doesn’t get him, he doesn’t get him, but he’s put all the legwork he can into making this happen.

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