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NBA Power Rankings, Week 10

Fading in Portland did not do the Rockets any favors this week, nor did losing to the Nuggets last night. The perception which will start this week, and will continue next week unless the Rockets turn it around fast, will be that they just can’t hang with the real powers of the West. Lets see what our rankers think!

Pro Basketball Talk: 15 (LW: 15)

After playing well of late on Sunday the Rockets lost to the Blazers and looked like a team that needed a star to take over for them. Daryl Morey would love to get in the Carmelo Anthony talks for that reason.

ESPN: 14 (14)

Some of their turnaround is schedule-related, but it’s happened before with the Rockets and happened again this season: They do tend to play better once they know for sure Yao isn’t coming back. Cruel as it sounds.

Hollinger Ratings: 16 (11)

The average of those, which last week was 13.3, is now 15. The Hollinger Ratings are really taking a toll on the overall average, and they continue to see the Rockets return to .500 as a mirage.

SB Nation’s own poll used to separate teams into Eastern and Western Conferences, but they have now started to encompass all of basketball. The Rockets are currently rated 14th in that and will be included fully in the rankings next week. They were ninth in the West last week.

Images by eflon used in background images under a Creative Commons license. Thank you.