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Reports: TWolves offered Flynn for Brooks, Warriors May Sign FA Yao Ming

According to a Tweet from Yahoo!’s Adrian Wojnarowski, the Timberwolves engaged the Rockets on a possible Johnny Flynn for Aaron Brooks deal and were laughed out of the room, as they should have been. Flynn has played in just twelve games this year, mostly off the bench after losing his starting gig to Luke Ridnour this offseason.

It comes as no surprise that David Kahn would think this is enough for Aaron Brooks, but unless Ricky Rubio or Kevin Love are involved, don’t look for the Rockets to pursue any iteration of this trade.

Yahoo!’s Mark Spears also recently reported that the Warriors may have interest in center Yao Ming once his contract is up and he hits free agency. The reasoning? You guessed it, ticket sales.

While Yao is expected to be out as long as 10 months after undergoing ankle surgery, the Warriors have long wanted to add him to help boost their profile in the area’s Asian community. Seldom-used rookie guard Jeremy Lin is nearly as popular as Stephen Curry and Monta Ellis. The Warriors would jump at signing Yao for a reasonable price.

Look for the Rockets to continue dangling their players as the deadline nears. Depending on how close they are to a playoff spot, they could go after any number of players, but they’ll mostly be focusing on the big fish.

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