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NBA Lockout Deal: Salary Cap To Be $58 Million, Salary Floor Rises To $49 Million

With the NBA Lockout essentially over more details are coming out regarding anything and everything. The salary cap was an issue of importance since the basketball related income is dropping from 57 percent for the players down to 49 - 51 percent. The salary cap is expected to be at $58 million which is the same as the 2010-11 season and could be the same through the 2012-13 seasons.

That $58 million will be prorated for the 66-game season which would put the cap approximately at $47.4 million in actual dollar amount, the players income would be prorated as well. This will make figuring out contracts for free agents a bit more difficult particularly with the short time frame to get a contract done and a player in camp.

The salary floor also has been set and rise to $49 million from $45 million which was in the last CBA. There are no teams that are expected to not meet the salary floor, but if they do fail to meet the salary floor teams are forced to split the deficit among players under contract.

The Houston Rockets should not have to worry about not making the salary floor, nor will they be above the salary cap. Looking at different sources the Rockets salary is expected to be between $47- $50 million with players currently under contract.

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