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Dalembert Played A Day After Signing With Rockets

The turnaround for new Rockets center Samuel Dalembert was pretty quick. A day after signing with Houston and without having a chance to even practice with the team, the former Philadelphia center played 20 minutes, splitting time with Jordan Hill after the starter picked up two quick fouls.


Dalembert looked a bit lost a couple of times offensively, but had three blocked shots and really showed potential on the defensive end. Practice will make that better and as he gets more time with the team, the interior defense should get much better.


I like what he brings to the table and I like that he responded well to being thrown into the fire. The Rockets were able to make it close but couldn't ever make the defensive stops to grab a lead late. That problem won't go away quickly, but Dalembert at least showed signs he could help give Houston a legitimate center, which was pretty great.


Images by eflon used in background images under a Creative Commons license. Thank you.