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Patrick Patterson Was Back At Practice

The Houston Rockets got a shot in the arm Tuesday , as Patrick Patterson got back to practice as he recovers from ankle surgery during the offseason. It was a bit of a good news, bad news situation, as Patterson was still experiencing pain in the ankle but he was able to make it through the workout.


Patterson isn't an imperative addition right now, since Luis Scola is still suiting up for the Rockets. However, Houston needs him back and taking a step forward to see if he's a piece they can build around. With this compressed schedule, the Rockets are doing the right thing to hold Patterson out until he's completely healthy, since this will be a hell of a grind.


The other news here isn't surprising, as the Rockets both cut down on practice time and said they don't expect Samuel Dalembert to play 20 minutes in any of the upcoming three game swing. In fact, Dalembert was quoted as saying it may take him another couple of weeks until he feels good about the system.


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