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NBA Trade Rumors: NBA Trade Deadline Represents A Sellers' Market

Just like the stock market or any free market, the NBA is full of buyers and sellers. Buyers who are trying to bolster their roster for a playoff run either now or in the future; and sellers who are willing to give established talent away for a chance at financial relief or a brighter future. With the trade deadline rapidly approaching, the divide between them will only grow stronger.

The Rockets, despite being on the outside looking in, are considered to be buyers. They've been linked to Carmelo Anthony, and have the trade exceptions and contracts to make a trade for a big time established talent work. Unfortunately for them, this might be shaping up to be a sellers' market, according to Steve Kyler of Hoops World.

Team after team has said they have searched the marketplace and are finding most teams don't want to take on contract dollars and teams sitting on expiring contracts are hoping to let them expire in the face of what looks to be a shrinking salary cap in the NBA next season.

There are several teams trying to make deals, but there are very few teams willing to sell off their major assets.

That means that teams that have talent that other teams may want are in the position of power. That rings especially true for the Denver Nuggets and Carmelo Anthony, the domino everyone is waiting to fall. The Nuggets aren't getting a trade they want, yet. But it just takes one team to get desperate for a deal to get done. Eventually, they'll find something they like.

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