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NBA Trade Rumors: Rockets Trying To Stay Patient As The Deadline Approaches

The Houston Rockets are in somewhat of a unique situation as the trade deadline approaches. On one hand, they are just a few spots outside of the playoffs and could potentially make a run at one of the last few spots. But they also don't have the pieces necessary to contend for a championship, and might be better served to hold off on a run for the playoffs and turn their attention towards the future. What they do over the next few weeks could go a long way in deciding which road they choose to walk down.

As for the man charged with making that decision, well he's just trying to stay patient. According to Jonathan Feigen at the Houston Chronicle, GM Daryl Morey is willing to let things unfold a little bit more in lieu of making a move that he may ultimately regret.

"There's always been something at the deadline," Morey said. "We don't do things just to do things, but we are pretty aggressive. Obviously, we are not a title contender. If there is something to get us closer, we'll do it.

"We're only looking to move guys to upgrade the team, not because we're (just) looking to move anyone."

Well there you go. The Rockets aren't going to be the team that makes the "splash" trade unless they think it will seriously upgrade their ball club. If that means bringing Carmelo Anthony aboard, then that is an opportunity that they will likely pursue. But if the Nuggets are asking for too much in return, then Morey won't hesitate to break off negotiations (aka: pulling a Prokhorov) and wait for  a better deal to come down the pipe. Sounds like a good guy to have in charge.

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