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NBA Trade Rumors: Houston Reportedly The 'Primary Suitor' For Carmelo Anthony

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Finding a combination of assets to pry Carmelo Anthony away from the Denver Nuggets is not proving to be an easy task. The New Jersey Nets, who have what many are considering the best asset available to the Nuggets through a trade in Derrick Favors, were unable to strike a deal when the Nuggets reportedly got cold feet. So if they can't make a trade with Denver, what chance does Houston have of getting Anthony?

According to Steve Kyler at Hoops World, a pretty good one. Kyler calls the Rockets the "primary suitor" for Carmelo Anthony.

The Rockets remain the primary suitor for the Denver Nuggets, mainly because the Rockets would be willing to send expiring contracts, draft picks and young players for the chance at Carmelo Anthony, with or without a contract extension, but even Houston with a roster full of attractive pieces is not getting much traction.

That last sentence is a real doozy though. Even though they are considered the primary suitor, they are still unable to get much traction. I think that speaks more about the price the Nuggets are asking for Carmelo than what the Rockets are willing to send out.

They have a glut of swingmen they could send to the Nuggets to help offset the loss of Anthony, a tandem of point guards that will probably have to be reduced to one in the future, and a promising rookie power forward of their own. Add in some draft picks, various exceptions and expiring contracts, and the Rockets seem to have a nice package to offer Denver. We'll see if they bite.

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