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Rockets Trade Rumors: Bulls Won't Trade Omer Asik To Rockets

Mike McGraw of the Arlington Heights Daily Herald reports the Chicago Bulls are not interested in trading rookie center Omer Asik to the Houston Rockets for shooting guard Courtney Lee, a possibility first raised earlier this week in the Houston Chronicle. Citing a “league source,” McGraw writies, “The Bulls like Asik’s potential too much to give him up in this sort of deal.” It appears as though the Rockets will need to look elsewhere to fortify their front line.

The Bulls would like to address their need for a more productive shooting guard, but at this stage “are more interested in dealing draft picks than moving a key player,” according to McGraw.

Lee, in theory, makes sense for Chicago. The third-year pro is averaging 7.1 points per game off Houston’s bench this season, shooting 43.5 percent from the floor and an impressive 39.4 percent on three-pointers. But Asik is, apparently, too high a price to pay.

Stay tuned to this StoryStream for all Houston Rockets trade rumors as they become public, and keep up with the Rockets at SB Nation’s The Dream Shake.

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