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Houston Rockets Trade Rumors: Nene In Rockets Sights

While the Rockets have long been rumored to be interested in Carmelo Anthony, he’s not the only Nuggets player that makes sense for them. Supposing, of course, that the Nuggets actually make a move at the deadline. ESPN New York’s Chris Sheridan says that the Rockets will put together a compelling package for Nuggets forward/center Nene as well.

Because Anthony is not the only player they are trying to deal, and a number of secondary trades have been discussed in the event that Melo is moved. The player drawing the most interest is their center, Nene, with the Houston Rockets at the front of the line offering a combination of young players and draft picks to give the Nuggets more of the rebuilding pieces they are seeking.

And why wouldn’t they? The Rockets have needed a big man ever since Yao came up gimpy, and Nene could plug that hole for them. The problem? He has his own opt-out, and like Anthony, there’s no guarantee that he’d sign an extension with the Rockets.

It’s hard to get a read on what exactly the Rockets are offering, but it would make sense from the Rockets perspective to try and deal Aaron Brooks or Jordan Hill.

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