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Rockets Trade Rumors: With A Week To Go, Daryl Morey Intends To be Active At The Trade Deadline

The Trade Deadline is coming up fast; are you getting tired of baseless trade speculation yet? How about something straight from the horse's mouth; wouldn't that be a delightful change of pace? Jonathan Fegien of the Houston Chronicle has thoughts straight from Daryl Morey, who says that they will be thinking about the "big picture" first and foremost when making a move.

“But our trade deadline moves have to be about getting us closer to where we want to be in the big picture, versus in the short run. It doesn’t mean we won’t do moves that would improve us in the short run, but I think the big picture is priority one.”

Based on Morey's comments, the rockets intend to be on the offensive heading toward the deadline. Morey knows that he has some assets on his team that could be very valuable to any potential suitors. The newest report is that the Rockets have targeted Nene and may make a strong offer to the Nuggets about the other valuable trade peice on that roster.

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