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Rockets Trade Rumors: Celtics Want Shane Battier, Bulls Still Interested In Courtney Lee

Marc Stein of checked in with a blog about the Rockets trade happenings tonight, and it’s a doozy. The old news is that the Rockets and Bulls are still haggling about Courtney Lee, with the Bulls unwilling to give up either Taj Gibson or Omer Asik for the talented wingman.

The new? The Boston Celtics are interested in forward Shane Battier. Battier, a defensive specialist, would help the Celtics absorb the injury problems they’re having with Marquis Daniels and Delonte West. Sources tell Stein that while the Celtics are also negotiating with the Cavaliers regarding Anthony Parker, Battier interests them just as much.

No word on what the Celtics would be willing to give the Rockets for Battier, but considering Anthony Parker is being bandied about for a second round pick, the Celtics are likely trying to buy low on the veteran. Stein does mention that Houston might need to move Battier to match salaries in a bigger move.

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