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Rockets Trade Rumors: Rockets Fielding A Lot Of Calls On Shane Battier And Courtney Lee

Yahoo! Sports’ Adrian Wojnarowski tweets that the Rockets are finding a lot of interested buyers on both Courtney Lee and Shane Battier. Both players have many fans around the league, and both are solid defenders as well.

Lee has mostly been linked to the Bulls, who seem unwilling to give up Omer Asik or Taj Gibson for him. Perhaps that will eventually lead to a three-team trade, or perhaps the Bulls will cave in on those demands as the deadline draws closer. The Celtics have been the primary team linked with Battier, but he brings a skillset that a lot of contending teams should be interested in, so it’s no surprise that he’s popular around the league right now. Total speculation here, but Atlanta might be a good fit. Particularly if they’re as intent as rumors suggest they are about moving Marvin Williams.

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