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Rockets Trade Rumors: Where Nene Is Off The Market, On It Again, And Then Maybe Possibly Off It

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Denver Nuggets C Nene Hilario clearly wants to be with the Nuggets longterm at this point, however, they haven’t offered him a long-term extension just yet, which leads teams to keep a slight glimmer of hope alive in their trade talks. Says your almighty trade deadline savant, Adrian Worjnarowski of Yahoo!:

Denver Nuggets center Nene has become increasingly frustrated that he hasn’t been offered a contract extension, a league source said.

The Miami Heat, Houston Rockets and Oklahoma City Thunder have all inquired about Nene, but the Nuggets don’t plan to trade him, a source with knowledge of the team’s thinking said. The source expects the Nuggets to soon give Nene an extension offer.

Chris Broussard of ESPN takes it a step further, quashing Rockets fans dreams everywhere by tweeting that the Rockets are interested in Marcin Gortat (still), Nene, and the injured Anderson Varejao, but they aren’t expected to get any of them.

Finally, Sekou Smith of writes that while the Rockets are shopping everyone, perception around the league is that they’re asking for too much:

Houston is said to be open to trading almost anyone, though the price tags slapped on the various Rockets are said to be too high. “Something is going to happen,” point guard Aaron Brooks, a prime candidate to be packing, told the Houston Chronicle. Said teammate Shane Battier: “I would be lying if I said I wasn’t looking forward to the next few days being over.”

Otherwise, ti’s another dead day on the trade front for the Rockets, they have approximately 40 hours to get pieces in motion for a deadline deal.

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