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Rockets Trade Rumors: Bulls Hot On Courtney Lee Trail, Offering First Round Picks

According to Yahoo!'s deadline savant, Adrian Wojnarowski, the Rockets and Bulls are still bartering for Courtney Lee. The Rockets are holding out for Bulls backup center Omer Asik, who has been quite a revelation in limited minutes for the Bulls and would probably move into a prominent role with the Rockets.

The Bulls, on the other hand, are offering up their first-round pick, and are now attempting to sweeten the offer with Miami’s first round pick. Two first-round picks for Lee sounds like a good return in theory, but considering how late those two picks will be with the Bulls and Heat dominating the Eastern Conference, you’d almost rather have early second-rounders so that there’s no guaranteed money on the payroll.

The Rockets may go ahead and make the move anyway, as it’s not a terrible return for Lee, but I’m still not sold on the package without Asik.

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