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Rockets Trade Rumors: Want Courtney Lee? Prepare To Give Up A Big Man

According to Yahoo!‘s Adrian Wojnarowski, who should be getting royalty checks from this site, the Rockets are telling teams interested in Courtney Lee that they’ll have to be able to give them a talented big man to get the deal done.

This is pretty much solely aimed at the Chicago Bulls and Omer Asik as this point, and the Bulls have resisted the temptation to deal him to the Rockets so far. Lee would stand to see increased playing time if the Shane Battier-Hasheem Thabeet/Draft PIck deal comes to fruition. While other teams are surely interested in Lee, they’ve all stayed under the radar as compared to the Bulls, who have been rumored to be targeting Lee for at least a solid week.

There’s a little more than two hours to go. Will Lee get dealt?

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