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Rockets Trade Rumors: Marcus Camby Is Your Sleeper Target

The Rockets always have one or two players on the radar that don’t quite see the light of day in trade rumors, for whatever reason. This season, that player is Trail Blazers center Marcus Camby. His name was first mentioned as part of a failed trade centered on Aaron Brooks according to Marc Stein of ESPN at around 1 PM.

But now Ken Berger of CBS Sports is reporting that the Rockets have redoubled their efforts to try and acquire Camby. Berger explains that Camby would not retire if traded to the Rockets because he makes his offseason home in Houston, which is a pretty nice segue.

However, Camby would definitely be a win-now move. The big man is already 36, and was never the picture of perfect health even when he was younger. It would be an interesting acquisition, to say the least.

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