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NBA Trade Deadline: In Goran Dragic, Rockets Get Good Value For Aaron Brooks

In a lot of ways, something had to give. The Rockets weren't going to start Aaron Brooks at point guard, and Aaron Brooks wasn't happy unless he was a starting point guard. They also weren't going to extend his contract this year, and that made their relationship even more tenuous. No matter what the team or their sources said before the deadline, it probably would have been more surprising if Brooks was a member of the Rockets this morning.

Even with all the drama that has gone on this year, our Rockets blog The Dream Shake is going to be kind of sad to see him go.

I really like Aaron Brooks.  I wish him well.  He was a draft pick that showed me that the front office wasn't asleep at the switch.  His offensive ability is simply awesome - I think he'll flourish in Phoenix - and if he's smart - learn something from Steve Nash, and train to be his replacement.  Remember, the PHX system encourages quick three pointers in transition.  It encourages mad rushes to the basket with kick outs to the three.  It isn't defensively minded.  If there's a better home for Aaron Brooks, I'd like to know what it is.

But at the same time, they got pretty good value for him in Goran Dragic, a point guard that has shown promise.

There was no way the Rockets were going to pay Aaron Brooks what he was worth or what he thinks he's worth.  Dragic is $2.1 million next year.  $2.1 million for a PG who has at least shown flashes of a Very High Ceiling.  That 2 PG package Adelman likes to run?  That's going to look sweet with Dragic, I promise.

Dragic has also been disappointing this year, but he is a much more affordable disappointment and he is used to a bench role. He may be a step down in ability, but he is a much better fit for the Rockets. And he came with a first round pick, so that's always nice. We obviously have to wait a little while longer to see how the trade works out, but in a very difficult situation, the Rockets appear to have done pretty nicely.

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