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Rockets Vs. Jazz: Kevin Martin's Three Point Play Gives Rockets A 97-96 Win

With about a minute and half left in last night's game against the Jazz, it looked like it another crushing defeat might be on the horizon for the Rockets. With the game tied at 94, Paul Millsap got the ball on the left wing and drove to the hoop for the go ahead basket. 96-94 Jazz.

But about a minute of game time later, Kevin Martin took the ball strong to the rim, got a foul called and was able to finish. After the free throw, the Rockets led by one and the Jazz had only 6.9 seconds left to get a game winning shot off. A C.J. Miles shot from the baseline went begging, and after the ball was tipped a few times, the game was over.Rockets win, 97-96.

Sure, Deron Williams wasn't playing for the Jazz tonight, but this is still a good win for the Rockets to end their current four game road trip. 1-3 doesn't look that great, but it looks a whole lot better than 0-4.

Martin finished with 22 points, and was joined by five other Rockets (Scola, Lowry, Hayes, Brooks and Budinger) in double figures.

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