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Rockets Vs. Nuggets: Carmelo Anthony's 50 Overshadows Kevin Martin's 37, Rockets Win

The Houston Rockets won last night. That should be the headline for the game against the Nuggets. But because Carmelo Anthony went off for 50 last night (in a losing effort) the win has been a bit overshadowed. The Dream Shake wants people to realize who came out on top, and that Kevin Martin had a pretty good performance of his own in this one.

It's a shame that Carmelo Anthony had to score 50 points tonight, because few outside of Houston are going to realize that Kevin Martin dropped 37 for the winning team. Heck of a night for you, KevMart.

Apparently SportsCenter also dropped the ball on fair coverage.

Also, for those of you who watched Sportscenter following the win, this might be a good time to inform ESPN that the game did in fact provide a final outcome, and that the Houston Rockets took home the victory.

50 points is pretty impressive. I'm not trying to take that away from Carmelo. But 50 points in a loss is not really that important. One could argue that wins in the regular season don't really mean that much, but for a team fighting for a playoff spot like the Rockets, wins are extremely important. But this is the state of the current NBA, star players and star performances earn the headlines, while good team performances are secondary; even though Kevin Martin had a pretty good performance of his own.

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