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NBA Power Rankings: Rockets Don't Gain, Or Lose, Any Ground

The Rockets had a big win last night, but that doesn't necessarily mean that they are a better team today than they were at this time yesterday. In fact, if you look at the Power Rankings across the NBA, the Rockets are pretty much in the exact same spot they were last week. They are playing pretty good basketball, but not really good enough to impress the people in charge of organizing these lists. Here they are.

SB Nation 13 (LW 13):

No pending free agent has had a worse season than Aaron Brooks, who followed up an injury with a bad decision to sulk off the court after Rick Adelman pulled him in the fourth quarter Saturday against Memphis. Brooks is just passionate and felt cheated he wasn't on the court in crunch time. But teams would prefer that players know their place. It certainly can't help him come July.

ESPN 18 (19):

The good news? Houston finally won a game in OT on the sixth try and had to beat the scorching Grizz to do so. The bad news? No more Grizz games left this season, with Kev Martin averaging 31.3 points against them.

Hollinger 12 (12):

Pro Basketball Talk 22 (21):

Kevin Martin is putting up a lot of points, but he’s shooting just 40.1 percent in the last 10. The best player on this team of late has been Luis Scola.

As a whole, the average rankings stayed the same at 16.25. Which is the exact same as it was last week even though the Rockets went 3-0. Maybe more 35+ point efforts from Kevin Martin will help bring some attention to the kind of basketball the Rockets re playing.

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