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Kevin Martin Named Western Conference Player of the Week

The Houston Rockets are still in contention to make a push towards the playoffs thanks to a recent hot streak since the All Star break. The Rockets have won four straight games heading into Tuesday night’s matchup with the Portland Trail Blazers. With 21 games to play, the Rockets are just three games out of eighth place in the West, and just five games New Orleans for the fifth seed out West. Reason to believe indeed.

One of the main reasons behind Houston’s surge is the scoring prowess of guard Kevin Martin. The former Sacramento Kings sharp shooter is leading the Rockets in scoring this year, and has strung together three straight 30-plus point games.

On Monday, Martin joined KILT in Houston to talk about the Rockets recent hot streak, being named Western Conference Player of the Week, and how he thinks the Rockets have a great shot at making the playoffs after their disastrous start to the season. (Transcription via: SRI)


Has the mood changed in the locker room and if so how:

“I think our young guys, they have their minds eased a little with the trade deadline gone by and now they can just get back to focusing on basketball. We’re just gathering around each other and seeing what we can do here.”

If he has been informed about being named Western Conference Player of the Week:

“Yeah actually I did. They woke me up this morning to that news. I think that’s a testament to our team of how hard we played this week. You can always have good numbers but you have to win to get that award.”

Whether or not it is realistic to think the Rockets could be a playoff team:

“It’s very realistic because we have the tiebreaker with the Grizzlies right now. We just have to do our part, keep on winning, and playing together as a team. Hopefully they end up losing a couple, but we’re on the right track right now. The coaching staff has all the guys on the same page.”

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