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NBA Power Rankings: Rockets Enjoying Late Season Playoff And Power Ranking Push

The Rockets find their playoff hopes alive and well after a late season surge, and the run of good form hasn’t gone unnoticed. A week of winning, accented by a thorough beat down of 1986 Finals nemesis the Boston Celtics, saw the Rockets make solid jumps in most rankings. This surge up the rankings helps the Rockets resume for an at-large bid has no meaningful impact on their season whatsoever, but hey it’s nice to read the encouraging words.

SB Nation: 10 (12)

10. Houston Rockets (37-34, Prev: 12) — The Rockets are tired, but given how well they’ve been playing, a one-game week might not be the respite the team wants. Kyle Lowry, in particular, has been incredible since the Rockets traded Aaron Brooks. In his last 10 games, Lowry is averaging 20 points, eight assists and five rebounds per game.

ESPN: 12 (15)

These are the days that longtime Rockets fans, remembering how their team actually used to play out of the East, see them stuck at No. 9 after winning 11 of 14 and must wonder what it would take to switch back.

Pro Basketball Talk: 13 (17)

13. Rockets (37-34, LW #17). They’ve won four in a row and moved into the ninth seed in the West, 1.5 games out of the playoffs. They are 7-3 in their last 10 ad have a legitimate chance of catching Memphis or anyone else that falters in the West.

Hollinger Ratings: 10 (10)

A quick bit of number crunching shows the Rockets picking up a respectable 2.25 places, landing them with a 11.25 ranking. The team picked up places in the three wordiest rankings. Only Hollinger gave them no additional love. Thanks, numbers and math. With only two games this week, including a tough trip to Miami on Sunday, the Rockets will have limited chances to impress the voters.

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