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NBA Power Rankings: Rockets' Surge Up The Rankings Stagnates

Did you know the Rockets used to play in the Eastern conference? It’s true. If this were the late 1970s, your Houston Rockets would be the sixth seed in the East and staring at a first round match-up against the Miami Heat.

Speaking of the Heat, they handed the Rockets only their fourth loss since the all-star break by the exact same score line as the match-up in Houston. Going one and one on the week and getting no help from the Grizzlies or Hornets (way to keep winning, guys), the power rankings rather accurately reflect the Rockets current predicament. Playing well but on the outside looking in.

SB Nation: 11 (10)

11. Houston Rockets (38-35, Prev: 10) — Houston faces long odds to get into the postseason despite having a better record than two East playoff teams and a better scoring margin than four East playoff teams (and, to be fair, two West playoff teams). It’s been an unlucky season on the court for an unlucky franchise: Houston has the point differential of a 41-32 team, but has lost more than half of its close games.

ESPN: 12 (12)

What does the league’s No. 3 record (12-4) since the All-Star break get you? In the Rockets’ case, it likely still leaves them needing an 8-1 finish and a Hornets fold after losing D-West just to get into the tournament.

Pro Basketball talk
: 13 (13)

13. Rockets (38-35, LW #13). They are 7-3 in their last season and playing with a real push for the playoffs, but nobody in the west is coming back to them at all. They are 2.5 games back of Memphis, which has an easy schedule from here on out.

Hollinger Ratings: 10 (10)

Sounds about right and the numbers back it up. Only a one-spot drop in the SB Nation rankings this week creates a sequential 13-12-11-10. An omen that things are lining up for your Rockets? Probably not, but the team holds strong with an average of 11.5. Not quite top ten, but everyone knows 11 is louder better than ten.

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