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DeAndre Jordan And Blake Griffin Star In First Episode Of Norm MacDonald's Sports Show

It was a pretty funny debut for Norm MacDonald on Tuesday night. He skewered sports with his traditional deadpan delivery, managed to acquit Tiger Woods of all charges against him, and perhaps most hilariously, get Blake Griffin to pretend to be him.

Ex-Aggies player and Houstonian DeAndre Jordan helped out as McDonald "became" Griffin, botching a ton of dunks, making references to how he had to stop smoking, and generally playing terrible basketball. One wonders how Griffin got so good at being that bad. Either way, here's the video:

Not bad for a debut, eh? All parties involved acquitted themselves pretty well. Unlike Onion SportsDome, I think I may actually watch Norm's show and laugh at something besides how poorly contrived it was. 

And hey, get used to this footage, because it will likely be the last basketball you see the Clippers play in for awhile with the upcoming lockout that may or may not be going down. Mostly may.

Images by eflon used in background images under a Creative Commons license. Thank you.