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NBA Power Rankings: Rockets Playoff Bound in Imaginationland

I come here not to bury our Rockets, but to praise them. Playoff hopes remain on life support, but what a run this has been.  Kyle Lowry is playing like a man possessed, Patrick Patterson continues to impress, and the Chuck Wagon just keeps rolling along. Full credit as well to Memphis and New Orleans for upping their game when the Rockets started knocking on the door.

The rankings this week read like obituaries and it’s reflected by the Rocket’s position in the various polls. Which is to say, it’s practically the same as last week. It appears our friends doing rankings already have one eye on the playoffs. Take solace Rockets fans, in fantasyland, the Rockets are a playoff team!

SB Nation: 12 (11)

12. Houston Rockets (41-36, Prev: 11) — Houston’s playoff hopes are tied to an implosion from the Hornets, which is to say Houston’s playoff hopes are likely dead. But it’s been a helluva run for the Rockets, and if this is the final season for Rick Adelman, it’s been a helluva run for him.

ESPN: 13 (12)

They’re on pace to finish with a better record than three East playoff teams. They’re the NBA’s No. 4 team since the All-Star break at 15-5. And they’re on fumes, playoff-wise, because the West-less Hornets refuse to crumble.

Pro Basketball Talk: 12 (13)

They are 8-2 in their last 10 but just can’t get over the hump and into the playoffs out West. If this was the East, they’d be the six seed.

Hollinger Ratings: 10 (10)

This gives the Rockets a respectable average of 11.75 but they stay number one in our hearts. What if…?

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