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2011 NBA Draft Order -- Rockets Pick Stays At No. 14 Overall

It's the biggest upset in the history of the NBA lottery! what I'd be saying if the Rockets had moved up. But instead, they'll stay put at No. 14 overall for the second straight year. The Rockets could not buck the 98.2% chance that they would stay at 14, and will now face adding a solid asset in the NBA Draft rather than an excellent one. The Cavaliers and Jazz both moved up into the top three with picks they acquired at the trade deadline from the Clippers and Nets.

Here's the entire lottery order:

14) Houston Rockets
13) Phoenix Suns
12) Utah Jazz
11) Golden State Warriors
10) Milwaukee Bucks
9) Charlotte Bobcats
8) Detroit Pistons
7) Sacramento Kings
6) Washington Wizards
5) Toronto Raptors
4) Cleveland Cavaliers
3) Utah Jazz
2) Minnesota Timberwolves
1) Cleveland Cavaliers

The Rockets will likely be targeting a big man with the pick. To that extent, look for the Rockets to wind up with one of the Morris twins out of Kansas, or perhaps one of the many international big men that could slide down a bit if they keep the pick. Someone like Dontatas Motiejunas or Lucas Noguiera could be in the cards if they select a center. If they don't pick a big man, it will likely be a small forward to compete with Courtney Lee and Chase Budinger for a wing spot. Perhaps someone like Florida State's Chris Singleton or Colorado's Alec Burks.

The Rockets could also use the pick in a trade--they have a ton of assets to move right now and could perhaps package the No. 14 pick in a trade up for Enes Kanter or a more established big man.

Images by eflon used in background images under a Creative Commons license. Thank you.