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Yao Ming Vaguely References 'Good News' On His Ankle

Rockets center Yao Ming had a check-up on his ankle today, about six months after a stress fracture cost him most of his 2011 season, and said that everything was looking good. He also said that, so long as the ankle holds up, he thinks it’s likely he’ll be in a Rockets uniform next year:

Yao went to the doctor on Wednesday for an update and said he received good news.

“Actually I just visited yesterday,” Yao said. "Everything looks good.

“The pictures (MRI) showed great news.”

He was asked if he wants to continue playing with the Rockets.

“I like to be,” Yao said. “There’s nowhere else better than Houston.”

Yao said he believes both sides want to make sure that happens.

“I don’t think that’s an issue anymore,” Yao said. “I think the only issue is my injury.”

Given the smoke out of both camps for the last few months, this isn’t exactly a surprise. Yao might have to come back in a bench role with a reduced salary, but the Rockets definitely seem to want him back. The constant injuries are a scary thing, and I’m in agreement with Red 94 that working Yao into and out of the rotation definitely could cost the Rockets games if he can’t keep healthy. But it looks like Houston is willing to continue taking that risk.

Images by eflon used in background images under a Creative Commons license. Thank you.