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Kevin McHale: "I wouldn't say it's definite I'm going to coach, but I do have the coaching bug."

A quick update here regarding the Houston Rockets search for a new head coach. Earlier on Monday, reports surfaced that Kevin McHale has emerged as the front-runner to replace Rick Adelman. Definitely an interesting development that Rockets’ fans likely have mixed reactions about. But judging from McHale’s comments on The Jim Rome Show on Monday, it sure sounds like he’d be eager to return to the bench after a frustrating stint as the coach of the Minnesota Timberwolves.

When asked if he’d like to return to coaching after a far less stressful year providing color commentary for TNT, McHale had this to say:

“The right situation Jim. There’s part of you that always enjoys the coaching. There’s nothing like being in the camaraderie, there’s nothing like being on the floor, that camaraderie. And you’ve done it since you were a little kid. And you miss that element of the competition and just being with the guys all with a single focus. So I wouldn’t say it’s definite I’m going to coach, but I do have the coaching bug, and I would like to get back and give it another shot, but the right situation. I think sometimes we can all be too selective… But I’m looking at a lot of stuff and we’ll see how it goes.”

Stay tuned at The Dream Shake for more Rockets’ news, analysis and fan discussion as we wait for further news on the head coaching search front.

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