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Rockets To Meet Kevin McHale In Miami Today For Third Interview

In news first broken by Yahoo!‘s Adrian Wojnarowski, the Rockets will send a contingent to Miami Wednesday to meet with ex-Timberwolves coach/general manager Kevin McHale. Rockets owner Les Alexander will accompany the club on the visit, a pretty likely sign of Houston’s serious interest in McHale as their next head coach:

Alexander will huddle with his front office soon thereafter the meeting, and will come to a final decision about whom to hire. The owner will make the ultimate decision on Rick Adelman’s replacement, but McHale will get the strongest endorsement of the basketball operations staff, sources said.

Casey is running a close second in the search, but sources said that Alexander loved his initial meeting with Frank, too.

Obviously, more on this as it develops. The Rockets might not make a decision today, but it shouldn’t be more than a few days away at this point. It looks like it’ll be either Dwane Casey or McHale.

I know McHale is not a popular choice right now and that most Rockets fans are more interested in seeing Casey hired. I certainly feel that way, anyway. It will be very interesting to see the rationale behind their interest in McHale, whether he gets the job or not.

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