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Report: Rockets Interested In Trade Up For Enes Kanter Or Kawhi Leonard

It didn’t take too long for our first concrete “Rockets are looking to trade up” rumor to start, and it happens to come to us from Sports Illustrated’s Sam Amick this year. Take it away, Sam:

As was reported here on Thursday, Houston (14th, 23rd picks) is interested in moving up in the draft. The source with knowledge of the Rockets’ desires said they are hoping to do so to either nab Kanter or perhaps San Diego State small forward, Kawhi Leonard.

Enes Kanter would seem to fill a big need for the Rockets up front. I know some in the Rockets community don’t see him as a center, but plenty of big fours have played out-of-position at center throughout their careers, and Luis Scola isn’t getting any younger.

Leonard has a wide array of skills and could be a Gerald Wallace-type in the pros, depending on if he can develop a consistent shooting touch. If the Rockets were to deal for him, he’d likely have to redshirt most of his first year in the pros behind Courtney Lee and Chase Budinger.

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