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Rockets Host Kansas' Morris Twins In Pre-Draft Workout

Continuing their search to find some more muscle inside, the Rockets brought in both Marcus and Markieff Morris for some individual workouts. The twins were an instrumental part of the Jayhawks’ success over the past couple of seasons, and are likely to both go in the lottery. They talked with FOX 26’s Keith Calkins after the workout:

“Show them I’m a hard worker, versatile like everyone else knows, and I would love to be in Houston,” Marcus Morris told FOX 26 Sports, on what he hopes to show the Rockets in the individual workouts.

“Just be able to score the basketball more,” Markieff Morris told FOX 26. "I was a defender and a rebounder at Kansas and I’ll continue to do that in the league.

“They just want to see me go as hard as possible and want to see definitely if I’m in shape.”

The Morris twins have never not played on the same team. Never.

Right now the Rockets hold two first-round selections, the No. 14 and No. 23 picks. Maybe they keep this brother act together and draft them both.

“Yeah, I hope so,” Marcus Morris said. “But I don’t see either one of us falling that late.”

It’s incredibly doubtful that the Rockets would wind up with both of them, but there is a pretty decent chance that Houston would pick either of them if they were around at No. 14. The Rockets desperately need to add more youth to their frontcourt now to join Patrick Patterson, and one of the Morris twins could be the easiest way to do that if Houston stays at No. 14.

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