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Report: Rockets, McHale, Agree To Terms

The Houston Rockets next head coach will be ex-Celtics star and ex-Timberwolves GM and coach Kevin McHale. According to Yahoo!‘s Adrian Wojnarowski, the two sides have agreed to terms for him to become the franchise’s next head coach.

Per Richard Justice of The Houston Chronicle, McHale will get a three-year deal, with a team option for a fourth year.

The Dream Shake didn’t like it at first, but has now reached a point of understanding about McHale:

I can see McHale coming in and re-juicing the roster. I can only assume that he’ll be more inclined to play the younger players and give them a shot to develop. McHale isn’t the skilled tactician that Adelman is, but I can only assume that based on experience alone he’ll be able to properly and patiently work with the younger big men and the remaining developmental players on the roster

I’d still really like to see Daryl Morey and company explain themselves, both because I wasn’t big on McHale as a candidate to begin with and because it doesn’t seem to make a lot of sense to have a “rebuilding” coach when your franchise doesn’t seem to believe in rebuilding. It should be a really interesting press conference, that’s for sure.

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