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Can I See Dwight Howard In A Rockets Uniform? Not Really

Professional Rockets downer and sarcasm font employer Jerome Solomon puts up his latest piece today about the chances of obtaining Dwight Howard once the big man becomes a free agent. The conclusion being that the Rockets have all the pieces in place to make a run at Howard, but it still isn't very likely to happen. Why? Because the Orlando Sentinel didn't list Houston as an option on some silly flash page.

Houston should be atop Howard's list of destinations when he exits Orlando, which he is almost certain to do, either by trade or when his contract runs out at the end of next season.

If it's by trade, clearly, according to GM Daryl Morey, Houston has the best assets collection of tradable players in the league.

If it is via free agency, everybody knows (or at least claims) that Les Alexander will spend as much money as it takes to put together a winner.

Yet, the Sentinel's graphic display shows several NBA teams and even gives you the option of putting Howard in a WNBA uniform, ala the horror film Juwanna Man (trust me, most of you don't want to see what Howard looks like in that getup), but doesn't give you a Rockets' option.

First of all, does it really matter what the Orlando Sentinel thinks? I mean really, they also included the team from Semi-Pro, the And One tour, and the Orlando Sentinel itself. Who cares?

Secondly, no, it's not likely that the Rockets will land Dwight Howard. It's not likely that anyone will land Dwight Howard. He would be a perfect basketball fit in Houston, but he's also going to have his pick of the litter and will likely do the recent superstar thing where he finds another superstar to play with. Whether it's part of his free agent class or not. 

Images by eflon used in background images under a Creative Commons license. Thank you.