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Yao Ming's Ankle Is 'At 30 Percent'

In news that would only be shocking in the lamest mystery novel ever, Rockets center Yao Ming, rehabbing in China, continues to not be anywhere close to healthy. Speaking to the China Daily, he told reporters that he needs to be at about 80% to play, and his ankle currently is only at about 30%.

However, the giant stressed his future as a national representative depended on his rehabilitation after undergoing surgery to repair the ankle in January.

“Walking or jogging is OK for me now, but I need to get 80 percent of my strength back to play I have got only about 30 percent at most now. I also need exhibition games to assist my recovery, not only working out alone,” said Yao, who took off his protective boot two months ago.

Yao also iterated the desire to play is still within him, and the idea of his daughter being able to watch him play is a big factor in how he is pushing himself for a comeback.

While it’s definitely heartwarming that he wants his daughter to be able to watch him play, Yao’s condition continues to be an unknown. What he does during the (likely) NBA lockout will probably be the determining factor in whether he plays again next year, but I wouldn’t want to bet against someone with the tenacity and dedication to training that Yao has.

Images by eflon used in background images under a Creative Commons license. Thank you.