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NBA Trade Rumors: ESPN's Non-Reporters Keep Pushing Chris Bosh To Rockets

Bill Simmons, who has started running the entire sports internet through Grantland, is joined by ex-Rocket and current TV analyst Jon Barry in pushing the possibility of the Rockets dredging up what they were trying to do last summer and going for it again: acquiring Chris Bosh. Simmons, who does love the media narrative, thinks that the Heat need a scapegoat for this season:

Chris Bosh: A decent lock to be traded this summer if Miami blows this series. There will have to be a scapegoat. You know, other than Spoelstra.

Here's a trade that makes sense: Bosh to Dork Elvis' Rockets for Luis Scola, Kyle Lowry, and Patrick Patterson. God, I'm gonna miss the Trade Machine if there's a lockout.

I'm not an unabashed fan of selling high on Kyle Lowry, because I think his improvement is sustainable, but I guess the trade makes some sense in that you're buying very low on Bosh. Personally, I would only do that trade if Scola and Patterson were joined by much less valuable pieces. Dealing Lowry in a package for anything less than a sure-fire superstar seems short-sighted to me.

Barry appeared on The Mike And Mike Show and said that he's heard the Rockets are still interested in Bosh, adding that he thinks the new CBA will force the Heat to give up one of their three best players.

This appears to be even less than smoke at this point, given the two people who are spreading the idea, but I guess it does make logical sense that the Rockets would check in on Bosh. Whether they'll get laughed off the phone or not is a different story entirely.

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