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NBA Draft 2011: Jimmer Fredette May Skip Houston Workout

BYU scoring machine Jimmer Fredette does have a workout scheduled with the Rockets on Friday, but according to ESPN's Chad Ford, he may not attend it. He reportedly worked out very well in Utah yesterday with Kemba Walker and Malcolm Lee.

Jimmer has workout scheduled on the 18th in Houston. But it's sounding like he might not attend ...

What can you make of this? Fredette likely feels that he has established his floor before the 14th overall pick. The NBA Draft is full of promises and other innuendo that could lead to someone thinking they're set at a certain slot, and while this is purely speculation, perhaps Fredette's latest workout led to something like that being established.

It's just as well for the Rockets, as while Fredette could give them some scoring punch off the bench, his upside is likely to be the next Kevin Martin, and Houston already has that. Look instead for them to focus on big men or potential small forward candidates who are defensive contributors.

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