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2011 NBA Draft: Scouting Singleton's Strengths And Weaknesses

DraftExpress had Sebastian Prutii, who runs the always interesting NBA Playbook, put together a series of videos on some NBA Draft prospects. Florida State forward Chris Singleton, who happens to be an oft-mocked Rocket, was one of the first subjects of this treatment. What did we learn from Pruiti's tape study?

- He has the potential to be a lockdown defender in the Stacey Augmon mold, particularly because of how well he uses his length
- His post game is well-established and should be a weapon for him early while the rest of his offensive game develops.
- Rebounding is a plus for him.
- Transition offense is a no-go, and he will force up some very bad shots. 
- Is not, by any means, an NBA ready outside shooter.

It's an interesting mish-mash of strengths and weaknesses. He has a relatively high floor because of his defensive abilities, but also has a pretty high ceiling should he figure out the perimeter game. Ron Artest's career probably isn't out of the question for Singleton. 

The question is simply: do the Rockets think his offensive game can be refined? If so, he makes a lot of sense should they stick at No. 14 overall. 

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