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NBA Mock Draft 2011: Rockets Select Hamilton, Vesley, In Final SB Nation Mocks

A couple of different SB Nation mocks to get you caught up on today. Tom Ziller's final take has the Rockets taking Jordan Hamilton at No. 14 overall, but somehow still ending up with Donatas Montiejunas at No. 23 as well. Here's the uh, reasoning, behind that:

14. Houston Rockets: Jordan Hamilton, F, Texas

There's no Jordan Hamilton in the green room on Thursday; he's a top bet to come out of the crowd with a dazzling suit and diamond stud. Everything about his game screams "Oh hi!"

23. Houston Rockets: Donatas Motiejunas, F, Lithuania

Picking Motiejunas will earn a chuckle from me. At any point.

Yeah. Okay then. Anyway, ex-managing editor of this very site Tom Martin (The Dream Shake) was tasked with the role of piloting the Rockets in SB Nation's cumulative mock, where each individual blog picks for it's team. Jan Vesley's stunning fall landed him right into the laps of Houston at No. 14, and here's what Martin had to say about that:

Despite Chase Budinger's improvement over the course of last season, Houston should be looking to add more talent to its small forward crop, most notably on the defensive end.

Enter Vesely. He's a tall and incredibly athletic wing player who can rotate between the three and the four depending on his future situation. Many see him as a young Andrei Kirilenko.

Vesley is an extreme longshot to get to Houston, but hey, I guess theoretically it could happen. It would take a lot of missteps by the teams in front of them though.

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