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NBA Trade Rumors: Would Rockets Trade Kevin Martin For Al Jefferson?

Keep in mind that writer Sam Smith is right about these things as often as Chuck Hayes shoots a pretty free throw, but he's reporting that the Jazz are open to moving big man Al Jefferson and the Rockets could be the landing spot. In a deal for Kevin Martin

The Jazz is rumored to be making Paul Millsap available. But they also are said to be holding open the possibility of moving Al Jefferson in a larger deal if they can get Kanter, a deal that could net them a shooting guard, like Monta Ellis or Kevin Martin with Golden State at No. 11 and Houston No. 14. So then Utah would go big.

Al Jefferson hasn't been in Utah long enough for the stinky flopper juice to be permanently attached to him, but he's never been the plus defender that Houston has needed. To give up on Martin for him? I'd think the return would have to be much bigger than just Jefferson. File this one away under possible, but not likely. At least unless the deal is expanded to give the Rockets more of an actual lift.

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