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2011 NBA Draft: Could Rockets Trade Out Of First Round Entirely?

DraftExpress has been the source for many recent Rockets rumors, and in their latest Mock Draft, they come up with one we haven't really heard before. GM Daryl Morey has repeated over and over again that he likes the depth in this draft, and even recently tweeted that he sees 22 first-round caliber prospects. Regardless, after giving the Rockets Bismack Biyombo at No. 14 overall in their mock, Jonathan Givony of DraftExpress reports that he's heard Houston wants out of this first round entirely:

While Daryl Morey and co. don't appear to be all that excited with anyone in this draft - they're heavily exploring moving this pick in exchange for a 2012 first, sources said - Biyombo could change their tune if he fell this far.

I guess it depends on who you believe more at this point. Morey has been pretty enthusiastic about how he thinks this draft is better than advertised, despite that flying in the face of conventional wisdom. He does have every reason to pretend that he has more interest in this draft than he really does, but Morey doesn't have much of a track record of lying publicly either.

Guess we'll find out in about 18 hours where Morey's true motives lie.

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