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NBA Trade Rumors: Rockets Among Teams Talking To Wolves For No. 2 Overall Pick

You know that old adage I just made up now about how you can question whether Daryl Morey's moves work out, but you can never say that he's not aggressive about things? Yeah, well according to's Andy Katz, the Rockets have proposed at least 10 different trades to the Minnesota Timberwolves for the right to move up to their No. 2 overall pick.

• Minnesota has four trade scenarios on its board for the No. 2 pick. As of midday Wednesday, the Timberwolves now are leaning toward Arizona's Derrick Williams over Kentucky's Enes Kanter of Turkey. But the Wolves are actively listening to offers for No. 2. Phoenix and Washington are two teams that aren't involved, but Houston, which owns pick No. 14, has proposed at least 10 different options for Minnesota's No. 2.

It's unclear whether the Rockets would be moving up to No. 2 for Williams specifically, or if they'd instead select Kanter or Jonas Valanciunas, but with those three looking like the guys who will make up four of the top five picks in the NBA Draft, it's a safe bet that Morey is targeting one of them. Valanciunas would be my guess, because he's been linked much more heavily to the Rockets, but Morey has been known to play things close to the vest at times.

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