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NBA Trade Rumors: Rockets Among Teams Working To Move Into Top 10

Chad Ford and Jonathan Feigen continue to have nearly identical stories on this, so we'll just say that "multiple reports" have the Rockets continuing to talk trade with the owners of the No. 7-10 picks. The San Antonio Spurs are also engaged in this area, offering (possibly) Tony Parker or George Hill to move up. Ford says that the Rockets have gotten the furthest with Detroit:

The Pistons are seriously considering the Rockets' offer -- especially if Kawhi Leonard and Tristan Thompson are off the board. The target at No. 14? Markieff Morris. Morris wowed the Pistons in a big workout Tuesday, and they feel he could still be on the board there.

Thompson is likely to be on the board at No. 8, as it's hard to find a draft that has him going before then, but Leonard could be gone and there has been speculation that he has a promise with Detroit. Feigen doesn't think the trade up will happen, because he doesn't think noted Rockets target Jonas Valanciunas will slide:

None of those possibilities seemed better than the others or very likely. The Rockets' interest seemed to be to get into the mix should Lithuanian center Jonas Valanciunas slip because of word he might remain overseas for a season or two. But as Wednesday progressed, he seemed more likely to be going to Cleveland with the fourth pick.
Word that Valanciunas could go fourth and Turkish center Enes Kanter might be drafted second or third changed many projections to follow, dropping Kemba Walker several spots and potentially out of the top 10. Jimmer Fredette could also reach the middle of the first round.

The Rockets could still be looking into trading up for an unknown target, but if Valanciunas isn't there, it would seem to quash a lot of the interest Houston has in moving up. Perhaps this is why the talks with the Timberwolves have picked back up.

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